Notice on early redemption of Subordinated Bonds of the € 40,000,000 First Unsecured Subordinated Bonds Programme of AS Citadele banka (ISIN Code LV0000802221)

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AS Citadele banka (Citadele) has issued 4000 subordinated bonds (LV0000802221 - EUR 6.25 CITADELE BANKA 10 YR SUB BOND 16-2026) in 2016 under the € 40,000,000 First Unsecured Subordinated Bonds Programme which are listed on the Baltic Bond List of AS Nasdaq Riga.

Pursuant to Nasdaq Riga Rules “On listing and trading of financial instruments on the markets regulated by the exchange ”, Citadele hereby confirms that 3 December 2021 will be an early redemption Record Date of the above-mentioned bonds and 6 December 2021 will be Early Redemption Date pursuant to Section 10.12. of the Base Prospectus of the above-mentioned programme.


Nataļja Fokina
Head of Treasury sector
Mob.: +371 26424732