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Regarding to the amendments of the “General Rules of Investment Portfolio Management”

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We regularly review and improve not only the range of services, but also the rules that apply to them. Therefore, we would like to inform you that we have amended “General Rules of Investment Portfolio Management" with the inclusion of sustainability factors in the portfolio management, and in the future we will work to integrate sustainability issues into the management of your financial instruments portfolio.

Subject to the provisions of our mutual agreement, the new version of the rules will be applicable from December 26th of this year, and from that moment shall be considered as an integral part of our mutual contractual relationships. The actual and new versions of the said rules can be found on our website https://www.cblam.lv/en/portfolio/

If you disagree with the amendments, please inform us up to the December 26th this year by sending your objections either to email asset@cbl.lv or through the “Correspondence with Bank” of the Citadele online banking. If no written agreement between us is reached in such case within above term, you will be entitled to request immediate termination of our mutual agreement in accordance with the procedures specified therein.

For more information regarding the amendments please be free to connect your private banker or by e-mail asset@cbl.lv.

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